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THE ART OF COMMUNICATION in classroom management


Course description:

What is the course about?

What do the participants learn?

This course will be helpful to provide effective & positive communication between you and your students. After the course, you will learn how to apply some communication models in your class and how to create effective learning & teaching environment.

One of five of 21st century learning skills is advanced communication. In teaching communication is so generic, that became almost oceanic. This course presents and enables you to apply practical models and frameworks of class management: NVC and FSM models, ways of managing conflicts, coaching and mentoring techniques (*TOOLBOX, WOOP, GROW and more). Thanks to this program you will be able to recognize and fix communication traps in the classroom. 

After completing the course, we believe you will enjoy the outcomes in your classroom management! "This course will make you and your students happier!„


  • You will define interpersonal & group processes in communication context in the classroom.

  • You will lead your learners more easily in learning processes.

  • You will recognize and fix some communication traps in the classroom.

  • You will be able to fix some difficult situations in the classroom.

  • You will apply coaching and mentoring techniques in the classroom and in other areas of your personal and professional life.

Main topics:


Topic 1: Group process in the communication context

  • Understanding communication in the classroom

  • Interpersonal & group processes in communication context

Topic 2: Basic traps of communication – how to identify them, avoid them and deal with them

  • Barriers, mistakes and other traps of communication in the classroom

  • Conflict management and negotiation in multicultural communication processes

Topic 3: Communication techniques for academic teachers

  • Improving solutions to deal with possible difficulties in class

  • Communication models - how to use them

Topic 4: Advanced communication in the learning process

  • Introduction to mentoring and coaching

  • Mentoring

  • Coaching

  • Mentoring & Coaching

Topic 5: Leading students in the learning process

  • Moderate a discussion – strategies

  • Facilitation techniques – how to support the group work

  • Formative feedback – a key to self-directed learning


Figen Karaferye, Assistant Professor in Educational Science

Prof. Oktay Şahbaz, Director of International Relations Office


Kutahya Dumlupinar University, Turkey


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