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How to prepare interesting classes easy & quickly

Course description:

What is the course about?

What do the participants learn?

The course is for lecturers who are eager to make their teacher toolbox as richest as possible – and use not only lectures to get students attention to their subject. Thanks to this course, you can choose methods and techniques that are in line with the goals you set for students and also for your own academic interests. After completing the course you will be able to choose methods that will allow your students to successfully achieve educational goals – you will design a part of your class using these methods. Thanks to that, your effectiveness in teaching will increase, and students will attend your classes eagerly!



  1. You will design your classes easier and faster, choosing ready-to-use methods and tools.

  2. Your students will see your classes as modern and interesting.

  3. Your students will be much more active and engaged during your classes.

  4. Your effectiveness in teaching will increase, and students will never be bored in your classes.

  5. Your lectures would be much more interesting, engaging and interactive.

Main topics:


  1. How to know, understand and apply different methods for different groups, goals and interests:

    1. lecture (informative, conversational, problem-based)

    2. workshop

    3. problem-based-methods

      1. case study-method

      2. situation-based-method

    4. practice (skill training)

    5. moderated discussion

  2. Modern trends in teaching - what really drives young people nowadays and how to use it smartly during the classes?

    1. gamification

    2. storytelling

    3. design thinking

    4. Oxford debate

    5. creative techniques for notes making


  1. Examples of innovative solutions for practical and friendly teaching – case studies and best practices



Agnieszka Kozłowska – Instructional designer

Centre of Instructional Design and Teaching Methods

Partner University:

WSB University in Poznań, Poland





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