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Using simple & attractive visual Tools in Teaching


Name of the course:

Using simple & attractive visual Tools in Teaching


Course description:

What is the course about?

What do the participants learn?)

The age we live in is an age of visuals, no doubt about it, we are surrounded by pictures, photos, icons, emojis, symbols, videos, infographics, simple drawings, and which is more, we use them more and more. Using visualizations in thinking helps us memorize and organize content better. The course provides a general overview of researches about visual thinking, the role of content visualization, tricks and tips on how to use visual surfaces (like flipchart, whiteboard, tablets,), simple drawing techniques and short (but good enough) and also debriefing of how to use most popular visual applications and programs. This course will show you how to use the POWER and SCIENCE behind visual thinking to help you be more effective in teaching.

After finishing this course, the teacher should be able to:

  • talk less and read-of-the-slides less and instead of that SHOW and TELL more

  • identify the mistakes he/she was doing so far (when it comes to TEXTUAL CLASSES)

  • prepare and conduct his/her classes in a more visual (therefore more effective) way

Main topics:


  1. Why visual tools are essential in learning process? (researches behind visual thinking)

  2. Content visualization - what is it, what is it for, why is it worth visualizing content that is applicable in the lecture hall and at the workshop, what are the content visualization tools?

  3. Data visualisation – how to present data so it’s clear, understood and useful for the students (and what mistakes should we avoid)

  4. How to use flipcharts, whiteboards, tablets, post-it notes. etc. in an effective and interesting way

  5. Simple drawing techniques (Visual Thinking) to help students understand more

  6. How to prepare a modern, useful and non-boring presentation in PowerPoint.

  7. Visual programs, applications and tools that helps to teach students in  a visual way



Klaudia Tolman

Trainer of Visual Thinking, Creative Director of, Graphic Recorder.


WSB University in Poznań, Poland


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